Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe Slots

This is not the prettiest game in the genre, and the graphics to leave something to be desired. It is a middle of the road game, however, for fans of the culture, and features some gameplay mechanics that will keep anyone interested. Instead of lavish graphics, they want for intricate designs. Not everything has to be an over the top adventure, this game instead being more relaxing, immersive, and less in your face. It will manage to win you over with enough time, and the jackpot more than make up for any shortcomings that may have! At the time of this writing one is up to over $100,000 USD.

About the Game

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, or try Mexican food, you have probably seen some of the imagery this game is based around. It goes for a fiesta vibe, with bright brilliant colors, and has it all come together with jackpots and a low budget but immersive set of graphics. 3-D graphics are clearly present in the rendering of some of the images, but most of them have a quirky craft look to them that we like. At the very least, it’s unique, and the jackpots will keep everybody interested.

Slot Game Developer

This game was brought to us by the wonderful folks at real time gaming. There are known for their immense progressive jackpots, free spins, and graphics that will tend to be on the higher production value side. The game lacks the production values, but keeps everything else associated with them as a developer. We think they are the leading provider in online gambling today, and no large part due to the amount of winnings that poor out of all their titles. We are a big fan of their use of progressive jackpots, being the main pioneer of them in the market.

Demo Play

Demo mode is the way to go to see whether or not this game is for you. It starts off once the game loads, and you could be playing for as long as you’d like. If you run out of the maximum amount of free coins they give you, simply reload the game! In addition to that, it will give you a chance to learn the best way to match the bonus feature, and let you decide whether or not the graphics are going to be enough to keep you going. You will not win the progressive jackpot unfortunately, but you will enjoy everything else about the game.


Mexican culture take center stage here, lingering underneath the backdrop of a progressive jackpot and nice bonus rounds. We usually enjoy Mexican themed games, and this one is no different. It is a somewhat rudimentary take on the genre, but considering how lavish and out there most other titles are when they try to do it, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it may even be somewhat unique in many ways. We think this is one of the better titles, albeit one of the more generic ones.

Technically piñata‘s are the overall theme, but we feel they are featured in such a rudimentary way that it basically is a Mexican themed game. They didn’t put too much thought into the designs of the piñata.

Game Design

This game is mostly fashioned around tried-and-true gameplay mechanics that will keep you going as you try to win the progressive jackpot. The bonus rounds mostly served to give you free games, and the occasional extra multiplier on your winnings. The coin sizes go up in $.25 increments, and you can bet across 20 different lives. These make it so you’ll never be losing too much money, in line with you trying to win the jackpot across the top by a war of attrition with other players.

Bonus Round

There are two bonus rounds here, in addition to the progress of jackpot along the top. The free games feature is the first one, followed closely by the pick bonus feature. The free games feature happens automatically and simply gives you free spins. The pick bonus feature will allow you to pick which things will be given to you in reward, typically being a surprise. Both of them look great, and have nice little animations that are themed after piñata.

Play for Fun

Much like piñata‘s in real life, you can play this game for fun. Unlike piñata‘s in real life, however, you will not be rewarded for it. Instead, you’ll come to enjoy how the game operates, see the lovely graphics flying across the screen, and generally have fun with it. There’s nothing wrong with that, it being a great way to get a custom to the game, and be sure you understand whether or not it’s for you before risking any of your hard-earned money.

Play for Real Money

If you are brave enough to put your real money into the ring, when you hit the right piñata, you will have riches and gold flowing out into your wallet! The bonus rounds are more interesting with real money, because you will get it in return rather than simply receiving bonus points. Points don’t do much for us, whereas money is always appreciated. It also makes things more exciting because you have skin in the game!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Whether you’re on an Apple or Google device, and the matter what region, this game will play great, and look wonderful on your device. There are many games that we think don’t look good on mobile phones, but this one in particular was made with such bright beautiful colors that it will stand out even on a 3 inch screen. On a tablet, it will look lovely!