Mardi Gras Magic Slots

Even if you don't like Mardi Gras, you're sure to love the lovely graphics and ladies of this game. It has a lavish look to it that makes you feel alive, reminding everyone of the party scene, and bringing it to your phone. It has colorful graphics, and great winnings, and a nice set of gameplay mechanics. It is also a game featuring the best rendition on the theme we have yet to see. Most other games take this one in all directions and make everything look strange. This one has the appeal of a Las Vegas rendition of it, which given the online gambling nature of it, is fitting!

About the Game

This game was ripped from the strip of Las Vegas itself, taking all of its color themes, and the way I dress up as lovely ladies straight from the way they handle it. Although Vegas definitely isn't the only place they have Mardi Gras magic, this version definitely took its inspiration from there. This game is one of the many titles in the genre, but probably plays and looks the best. If you like the nightlife, and the nice colorful eclectic schemes that they put across all the ladies, you will love this one!

Slot Game Developer

This magical carnival game comes to you from real-time gaming. They are the Premier company when it comes to themes of this nature, adding in great jackpots, amazing bonus rounds, and vibrant colors games. This is one of their stand out titles, being part of a collection made by similar artist that we feel is probably some of their best work. The graphics dance around on the screen, the color scheme scream out at you, and the theme is amazing.

Demo Play

Demo mode starts immediately, and runs for free. You can play for as long as you would like in this moment, having all the winnings rolling for you. On top of that, you won't have to bet any money, rather enjoying the game mechanics instead. The different coin size don't matter here, allowing you to simply but on each line and spin. Once you get the game Mechanics down, you can graduate to the adult mode, putting down real money, and getting real winnings.


Mardi Gras is a colorful party where everybody gets drunk and dresses up in strange costumes and masks. That's the gist, and it's famous for a reason. There is a certain aesthetic associated with it that is featured nowhere else, and everybody familiar with it tends to love it. If you want to see the best for addition of it and all my gambling, this one also probably fits that bill. We have never seen one that was quite a streamline, and have the sex appeal of this game. It's a far cry from all the other versions of it, which tend to make it all look very abstract, rather than playing up the sex appeal.

Game Design

This game has fairly standard mechanics, such a 25 lines to bet on, a maximum betting amount of $125, and five separate reels. What sets it apart, however, aside from the graphics, are the amazing bonus rounds, which are intricately done. They are games in and of themselves, which goes with the theme. Our favorite aspect of the game by far are those bonus rounds, along side of the graphics. From time to time you'll also noticed the lovely ladies dancing, which we also consider a good design.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here number at three, which include the random prize awards, the bursting wilds feature, and the free games feature. The latter two are self-explanatory. The bursting wilds feature place with them all throughout the board. The free games feature, as you would expect, gives you free spins. The random price of words, however, give you random winnings, a varying amounts. It's a breath of fresh air in a fairly fresh game on top of that!

Play for Fun

If you would like to simply enjoy the party, and potentially be a little tipsy while you play, we recommend playing for fun. Your money will not affect the outcome here. You can simply enjoy the graphics, the animations, and everything else to your hearts content. Along side of that, you can learn the intricacies of the mechanics, and prepare to put down real money later on. There's no better way to learn than playing the game itself, the full motive it entirely unlocked for free at the moment you load it!

Play for Real Money

If you would like to remind yourself of Las Vegas, you can put down real cash. This money will be used just as it with anywhere else, but with the bursting wilds feature, and the random price of words, you'll feel like you have a better chance of winning here. Alongside of that, having already learned how to play in the demo mode for free, you will come in with an advantage of already knowing your way around the reel's!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you're on any kind of phone or tablet, this game still going to look great. It doesn't matter where you play it, or what device, it's always going to run just as well, and be just as lavish. We particularly enjoyed it on our iPad, which led to the bright colors reverberate across the screen. The animation also goes up to 120 Hz on that device, provided you have the latest model. Seeing it all fly by in such high Fidelity is a dream. It's almost better than the actual screens you see in Las Vegas casinos, and you can get by without all of the heavy fees for drinks and being at the casino itself!