Witch's Brew Slots

If you like spooky things and are into gambling, there are no shortage of games for you to play. Few have the character and attention to detail that this game offers, however. This is an authentically original take on the spooky genre, and has a graphic style and gameplay mechanics to show for it. Although it’s not the highest budget game, the amount of heart and soul that it has will make it stand out in your heart. When you add to that it’s one of the many hits from real time gaming, you know you’re already in for a treat the moment you put down your first bet!

About the Game

This game takes us it’s themed the various sort of Halloween spooky stuff the year are used to seeing across films, books, and TV. It includes start candles, newts, mandrake roots, mortars and pedestals, and the witches brew from the title. There are some other cute little additions like black cats, but you get the idea. We’re not sure how this all came together as a common motif, but it’s popular, and many people enjoy it. It’s the sort of game you know you’ll either love, or being different too. You probably don’t even need to read this review, as based on one screenshot you would probably know.

Slot Game Developer

This game is one of the hundreds if not thousands of titles by real time gaming. They always bring together a unique theme, colorful graphics, intricate gameplay, and frequently, jackpots along side of that. Although many of their games play the same, that is because they themselves pretty much pioneered the genre on the Internet. It is hard to fault them given that context. Aside from that, they are known only for games that are hits, this title being no exception. Whether you decide to play for free or real money, you know you’re in for a treat with real time gaming.

Demo Play

Demo mode begins the minute you can see the game. From there, you can spin, and the game will play summer automatically. Much like the full version of the game, you have access to all of the bonus rounds, and your score is kept track. You are given a balance to have fun with, and can change the number of bets. You could even turn on auto play, just to get a feel for how the title would unfold. It’s one of our favorite ways to play, and we think everybody should start in that mode no matter what.


The theme of this game centers somewhere around all the creepy stuff people associate with Halloween, which is, and generally spooky stuff. We’re not sure how the many different elements were associated with which is over the years, but they are all mostly there. They are also featured in some kind of dark Tavern of a castle or something, which also go along with the general theme of witches. Surprisingly, One of the only things you will not see are which is themselves. There are wizards, but the witches are a rare sight here. We’re not sure why they did that but, they did, and that’s how it is.

Game Design

This game is unique in the sense that you can match things in multiple directions, for multiple highlights, and can make choices from there. The choices them at times affect the outcome. Certain elements of the game have a golden from border around them, and they will tend to act as magical multipliers when they come together. They can be near each other, diagonal, or in someway touching. It’s almost like chess with how complicated it can be! The game instructs you how it works when you play, however, so you’ll get it soon enough.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is mainly the respin feature. We’re not sure where all the other bonus rounds went, but they probably got left off because of how complicated the gameplay can be. We say that in a good way. The game itself will guide you through it, and will frequently arrange itself to allow you to match many things from multiple directions. It’s almost like the bonus round is always on in that sense. We’re not complaining, as we find out a lot more fun than the alternative of waiting forever and not having a bonus round come up.

Play for Fun

If you want to play for fun, you were on for a good time the moment you can see the graphics. We recommend starting here because you’ll get a sense of how the game operates, as it is more intricate than you would imagine. You can match things for multiple directions, for example, and some of the things you can match are necessarily the same exact item. Things with common borders, for example can be matched. It’s easier to understand once you play it, and the easiest way to do that is to start for free.

Play for Real Money

If you want to really win, put down some real money and you’re in for a great time! Although the game is themed after around relatively horrifying elements, it’s a dream to play. Additionally, because of the many ways to match, you’ll win more often than not, making it a great way to retire early!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you’re on any kind of mobile phone, you can enjoy this game on the go, winning whenever you have a break, or even potentially while out trick-or-treating if it’s that time of year! It’s more productive to gamble while walking around collecting candy because in your off moments, you can still win some money to buy more! Looks great on screens of all sizes and shapes.