Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

We have never seen an Irish themed anime style game, but seeing how great it looks, we wish it would've happened sooner! They actually managed to make leprechauns look sexy, and have three different jackpots alongside of that. If that were not enough, the arrangement of the imagery on the reels allows for unique matching opportunities, making it stand out among the crowd for innovation. Everything about this game is surprising and unique. It may be the only time we have ever seen some one take this sort of imagery and make it look palatable in the way that they did. If you ever wanted to see sexy leprechauns, or are smart enough to appreciate them, you will love this one!

About the Game

This game is what would happen if someone paid a mango artist to take on the Irish theme of leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day. Everything about the culture is featured here, and they put on many layers of gameplay to make it interesting. There are 720 ways to win, thanks and no small part to the game itself being arranged in a highly unique fashion. It's everything you would expect from real time gaming!

Slot Game Developer

Speaking of those fine folks, they are the developers here, and it shows. This is one of the most unique titles we have ever played, and we can think of no other provider that could've given it to us. They are the unique minds behind everything you probably love and gambling on the Internet. They started most genres, came up with most motives, and continue to push the boundaries with their jackpots and gameplay mechanics. They are also known for a great production values, this one standing high among the rest.

Demo Play

This game is best enjoyed first and demo mode so you can get an idea of how it works. It's a lovely way to be introduced to the graphics, the gameplay style, and the way betting operates. This is not your normal title, both in that subject matter, graphics, and it's gameplay. For that reason, learn the ropes without putting down real money, so when you lose, it won't be because you simply didn't understand what was going on!


This game is themed after leprechauns, and infused with anime goodness. It is like Japan took on the leprechaun theme. This is one of the weirdest and most unique things we have probably ever seen, and the strangest sentence we have ever written. It is no that's true, however! They have taken everything you would associate with the culture and the holiday, and made it fun, vibrant, and filled with attractive women. Everything also is very clean, which we enjoy as well. It's the opposite of most takes on the holiday, and the mythos. For that reason, everyone will enjoy it!

Game Design

This game is unique in that that arrangement of the reels is not standard, and there are 720 ways to bet. This makes your winning potential sky higher. I'll top of that, there are major, minor, and mini jackpots. Although they never get as high as progressive jackpots another titles, the fact that there are three of them, you can win the more often, makes them have their own unique style of fun to them. We appreciate the way this game operates, and think when combined with the innovative graphics and subject matter, it's unforgettable.

Bonus Round

There are many bonus rounds here, including the three progressive jackpots. Alongside of those, there is a pick bonus feature, and the slippery wild feature. The pick bonus feature allows you to choose your own reward, it being concealed from you when you choose it. The slippery wild feature put wilds all around, increasing your chances of winning. Both of them happen often, although the jackpots happen more often than not to because there are various levels of gravity to them.

Play for Fun

Playing for fun is the way to go if you would like to win without putting down too much money, a grand total of zero to be exact. We also recommend it because this game is hard to understand it first with the way the reels are arranged and the bonus mechanics. Starting off this way to enjoy it and figure it out is the first step for everybody that comes to the title. Unless you want to take your chances and risk not understanding it, however, in which case you are free to start off with money on the line.

Play for Real Money

Real money fits in with the theme of Irish mythology and the gold at the end of the rainbow that this is all after. It will make it more interesting to figure out as well because you'll have authentic worry and concern on your mind! It will also allow you to win one of the many different jackpots, which although you can technically win it in some fashion and free to play mode, you will not actually be paid for. Once you understand the game, we recommend jumping right in because the jackpots are progressive!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

No anime inspired game would be complete without looking wonderful on your phone. Whether you are on the can, at a grocery store, or your local pub, you can be playing this lavishly themed anime Irish game, and having everyone around look at it and confusion. On tablets, it's particularly great, showing up just how fine of detail they render the graphics. We recommend large screens above all else to really appreciate what all they did here. They clearly had it in mind for the larger viewing size, or they wouldn't have had such intricate detail.